Praesumo is a top of the range security group, founded by veterans from various operational backgrounds.

We provide a confidential, high-end & personalized approach to security.
As an international provider worldwide, our group is recognized for its experience in security, economic intelligence, intelligence, surveillance, security and protection, training. We offer a high-end & personalized approach to security.


Our operating standards allow you to anticipate, identify and deal with any situation you may face.
We bring security, serenity, foresight and added value to your environment.


Our expertise covers the whole world.  We are certified as expert through a PNUD number by the United Nations.

Our 360° approach ensures a full global covering for your needs & requirements.


Whatever your problem is, we provide you with a range of tailor-made services wherever you need them.

Our locations and international network provide you with operational solutions adapted to local realities in which you operate.


Praesumo is recognized as an expert in economic intelligence by the United Nations.


Our structure accompanies you for business intelligence, competitive protection and economic intelligence, through its expertise "Economic Intelligence Strategy".


We provide you with an intelligence shield, anticipated and real time information, strategic & tactical monitoring and actionable precognition, based on smart & reliable field ressources.


Praesumo provides integrated security solutions, helping you manage critical risks either your organisation or individuals may be facing.

We protect all people, structures, facilities, operations and events that you entrust to us.

Our expertise guarantees you the highest level of operations according to the best existing standards.

Our missions systematically include a technical and operational audit.


We deliver a full range of security & surveillance capability’s for businesses & individuals.
The preservation of your assets is a priority for us.


Our 360° approach & skilled teams ensure the ability  to customise our services to support corporates and individuals in their particular demands and delivering results.

We provide you with the best human & technical existing standards.


Praesumo offers the full range of risk management services, a careful and thorough assessment of threats and security efficiency & reliability support using expertise chosen from former members of prestigious units.

As a recognized leader in the provision of security and risk mitigation solutions, Praesumo support his client, bringing knowledge in the fields of security engineering processes with strong field experience.


We have designed our exclusive "Economic Intelligence Strategy " training sessions, operational corporate courses that are proven to deliver immediate results.

Working closely with you or your team we ensure that everyone necessary in your environment has the knowledge, tools and confidence to be able to continually risk assess safety, develop
 solid understanding of stakes and to put in place the right strategy to preserve performance
& integrity of business.


Praesumo has the authorization to operate according to the authorization of the police of the canton of Vaud (general headquarters) and according to the concordat on security of October 18, 1996, the law of September 22, 1998 and the regulation of July 7, 2004 on security companies.



Calling on our tailor-made services guarantees you the commitment of high-level resources and profiles to help you protect your assets, your employees and your performance.

Our group provides high-end operational support and assistance to secure its clients and their activities, with a unique approach and a high level of know-how.

Our staff is trained to the highest standards and all our managers and associates come from Special Services & Intel Services. They offer you a robust professionalism due to extensive experience in the field.


Prior to joining us, he had a prestigious and highly specialized career as a special assistant to the President's office in the White House in Washington, D.C., advisor to the National Security Council and member of the U.S. Department of State, Foreign Service, in charge of multiple diplomatic and specific operations abroad. He then advised a world-class American company for nearly 15 years.

Has been a high-ranked senior intelligence officer and has long worked on international issues in the fight against crime, terrorism and economic interference. He also has been an expert within Interpol.

A former member of special forces, he has a recognized area of expertise in assisting companies and their employees in exposed and high-risk areas for assets and security. He has also trained and advised several police forces.

With a high level career with government and management institutions, S is an expert in lobbying and high level relationship building. She knows, understands and knows how to decipher the techniques that are used as levers of influence and decisions.

A specialist in security, crisis management and communication, he has long worked for major international organizations and managed multiple crises. He knows the expectations of managers and knows how to accompany them to raise their level of performance in a deregulated competitive universe.


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